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Mandi Erin


Mandi Erin



Cell: (814)746-6984

Voice: Tenor - Mezzo Soprano

Eyes: Blue/Green 

Hair:(Current) Blonde (Natural) Brown

Height: 5'7"

Photo by George Killian


White Christmas                        Ensemble                               The Erie Playhouse

Something Rotten                       Ensemble                               The Erie Playhouse

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown                Snoopy                      Huntington University Theatre Company

Angel Street                                   Nancy                       Huntington University Theatre Company

Eurydice                                     Little Stone                  Huntington University Theatre Company

The Birds                                       Julia                      Huntington University Theatre Company


All My Sons                                  Sue Bayliss                   Huntington University Theatre Company

Peter and the Starcatcher                      Grempkin                    Huntington University Theatre Company


Shrek: The Musical                   Happy Person, Dragon Puppeteer        Huntington University Theatre Company

A Christmas Carol                           Martha Cratchet                Huntington University Theatre Company


Guys and Dolls                                Ensemble                                    Corry Area High School

Into The Woods                         Cinderella's Step-Mother                           Corry Area High School

South Pacific                              Ensign Navy Nurse                              Corry Area High School

Aladdin                                      Sheherezade                             Missoula Children's Theatre


The Little Mermaid                             Ophelia                               Missoula Children's Theatre


Robin Hood                                  Marian's Maid                            Missoula Children's Theatre


Final Showcase                        Myself and many characters                                 Next Step Prep:

                                    from select musicals and plays                    Academy of Performing Arts

Cinderella                                     Beggar                                Missoula Children's Theatre


King Arthur's Quest                       Sir Erik The Scared                        Missoula Children's Theatre


Alice in Wonderland                      Duchess of Wonderland                       Missoula Children's Theatre

Rumplestiltskin                                 Gnome                                Missoula Children's Theatre

Princess and the Pea                    Snow and Sleet Smoother                      Missoula Children's Theatre


The Chase                                        Hope                         Huntington University Student Film

Scripted                                        Emily                         Huntington University Student Film

I Love You for Your Brains                    Zombie Girl                     Huntington University Student Film

Dance Ditchers                               Female Student                   Huntington University Student Film

Curtain Call                                    Bethany                       Huntington University Student Film

Mo                                               Jane                         Huntington University Student Film


Last Words                                     Neighbor                       Huntington University Student Film



BA: Theatre Performance and Music at Huntington University School of Arts

Acting: Jay Duffer, Gregory Boris, Andy Taylor, Ryan Long, Matt Webb

VOICE: Joni Killian

Dance: Jazz, Fossie, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop


Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (D3 – E5)

Instraments: Guitar (Chords), Piano (chords and basic melodic patterns), Ukulele (Chords)


Other: Can pole vault 8 feet, used to be a gymnast (very flexible), 5th belt rank in Karate

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